Tom Van Dyck
& Ewout Pierreux

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Tom Van Dyck & Ewout Pierreux duo

Alto saxophone & piano playing lots of originals, but also monk & standards.

The essence of our approach: We start out from our jazz tradition somewhere in the 1950’s, we use those things that really ‘work’, but we don’t hesitate to add our own elements to it. We are both melody-oriented and like real swing. We do this without bass or drums so the music is never really loud but it can be very intense.

Tom Van Dyck: alto sax
Ewout Pierreux: piano

Location recording at Ewout’s home using a Protools m-box and only 2 microphones (Royer and Horch). Tom and Ewout could have recorded themselves but I insisted to be present for such a world class private concert! This was my Rudy Van Gelder moment.