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t-unit7 is the new workshop for jazz composer/saxophone player Tom Van Dyck. He creates a musical ecosystem in which 7 instruments, 7 interesting musical opinions and his own musical story are coexisting harmoniously.

t-unit7 creates its story starting from musically challenging compositions, from beautiful songs and from strong improvisations, and tries in this process to get the listener to feel an musical-esthetical experience.

t-unit7 is unique in its constellation: big enough to have them perform multi-layered compositions as would a big band, without losing the intimacy of a small ensemble like a duo, trio or quartet.

• Herman Pardon: drums
• Mark Haanstra: fretless electric bass
• Ewout Pierreux: piano
• Michel Paré: trumpet
• Peter Delannoye: trombone
• Fred Delplanq: tenor saxophone
• Tom Van Dyck: alto, soprano & baritone saxophones, flute

Recording at Tafelberg Studios Tilburg by Bernard Jussen on the 25th & 26th May 2007. Editing & mixing May & June 2007 at la buanderie by Pieter Apers & Tom Van Dyck, assisted by Ewout Pierreux & Mark Haanstra. Mastering at Wisseloord Mastering by Darius van Helfteren 12th July 2007.