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Swell Rhythm Combo

The Swell Rhythm Combo is a brand new band on the European jazz scene: Jack Fire (upright bass/vocals) is renowned for his killer slap technique. His great playing is also heavily influenced by Slam Stewart and Milt Hinton; Pat Louis (guitar/vocals) is the “missing link” between blues and jazz with a style marked by Freddie Green, Tiny Grimes, and legendary electric guitar pioneer Charlie Christian; Druss Lecomte (piano/vocals) has a lively style that evokes Count Basie’s or Nat King Cole’s swing, Thomas Fats Waller’s and James P. Johnson’s stride, all with a touch of humor reminiscent of Erroll Garner. His rich boogie playing relies on subtlety and finesse, rather than the bombastic approach often associated with that genre.

The Swell Rhythm Combo combines swing, jive, hot jazz and rhythm ’n blues, with a lineup similar to Cole’s trio, Basie’s rhythm section, or Willie Dixon’s Big Three Trio. If you want to hear real hot jazz and swing the way it was played in the 30’s and 40’s, this band is what it’s all about!!!

• Jack Fire: upright bass, vocals
• Pat Louis: guitar, vocaliks
• Druss Lecomte: piano, vocal