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Samar Hatem

“Take me to your planet” is my first record, compiling 12 songs in French and English. These songs have been written between 2019 and 2021 in a time of my life where joy and sadness co-existed in a distressingly parallel fashion. Songwriting became a creative outlet for the complex situations and emotions I encountered. Over time, my rather confidential performances have gained momentum and I have come to enjoy the thrill of bringing my own creations to a broader audience. I love hearing another person humming one of my melodies and giving it a new voice.
This release is a humble invitation to come closer and enter my songwriting bubble…

The CD “Take me to your planet” is scheduled for the autumn of 2022, released June 18, 2022

Recorded, mixed and mastered @Studio Hangar87 with Pieter Apers and Pierre Anckaert (2021)
Musical contributions by Christina Hatem, Audrey Knuts, Sébastien Hatem and Cédric Hatem.
Original artwork by Audrey Knuts and Romy Vaessen
Digital artwork and webdesign by Louis De Visscher