Evi Roelen ft.
Pierre Anckaert

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Evi Roelen ft Pierre Anckaert

Evi Roelen was born in a musical family. At a very young age, she came in contact with different styles of music. Until her teenager years, she devoted most of her spare time to figure skating, a sport that relies heavily on its interaction with music.

At the age of 16, Evi started to compose her own songs. She was asked to write music for ‘Angeldust’, a lyric by Luc Descamps. The song was arranged and recorded by Jo Cassiers. Afterwards, Evi became lead vocalist of ‘The Once’, a blues- and rockband with Bert De Pauw (drums), Senne Van Loock (guitare), Steven Troch (piano) and Ferre Goeyvaerts (bass). She also became member of Fine Fleur, the choir of the Night of the Proms. Evi currently performes a repertoire of jazz standards and pop songs together with pianist Pierre Anckaert.

Evi Roelen: vocals
Pierre Anckaert: piano

Recorded by Pieter Apers @ La Buanderie on 13 May 2014